Get-Diamonds Launches AR VIRTUAL HAND Tool

(PRESS RELEASE) ANTWERP, BELGIUM — Get-Diamonds, the largest B2B online platform for quoting polished diamonds, owned by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), has launched VIRTUAL HAND, an augmented reality tool that allows users to virtually try on a variety of diamond rings in different sizes, cuts and settings, using computerized imagery. Get-Diamonds is the only B2B online platform to offer this tool.

According to Get-Diamonds Executive Director Eyal Shirazy, VIRTUAL HAND is intended to be used by retailers as a service for their customers. The company soft-launched the feature at JCK Las Vegas 2022.

Shirazy said: “VIRTUAL HAND offers retailers a significant advantage in selling diamond jewelry, one that I believe their customers will appreciate. The response from the trade has been overwhelmingly positive, and I believe it will attract a number importing new users to Get-Diamonds.

Shirazy added that in the first stage, the AR tool is open to all users, registered or not. The second stage, which will only be open to registered users, will allow users to virtually try on actual stones from the Get-Diamonds listings, not only in rings but also in earrings and other jewelry.

The advanced tool is the result of cooperation with Inova Diamonds, a company specializing in technology solutions for online marketing of diamonds and jewelry using augmented reality (AR).

Artium Sondelzon, co-founder of Inova Diamonds, said a later stage of VIRTUAL HAND will offer full 3D technology, including realistic diamond and gold reflection and diamond rotation.


Get-Diamonds was founded in April 2020 by the WFDB to serve the diamond and jewelry industry as a non-profit organization. Its motto “By the industry, for the industry” reflects this objective. Profits generated from the site should be invested in projects that benefit the industry, including the marketing of generic diamonds. The platform lists over 1.7 million diamonds from 4,700 sellers, with a total value of over $6.6 billion, and continues to expand its presence in the US market, with a huge increase traffic among retailers, resellers and wholesalers.

Sarah C. Figueiredo