From ashes to diamonds: how to preserve legacies

If you’re looking for a unique way to commemorate yourself, a loved one, or a former four-legged friend, consider looking into the process of turning ashes into beautiful, sparkling diamonds. The company eterneva diamonds is one of the few companies that specializes in this art and has a wonderful portfolio of how it has preserved the legacy of many people and pets. Deciding what to do with the ashes is a big decision, so make sure you do your research thoroughly and give yourself all the time you need to determine if the decision you’ve made is really the right one for you. There’s no need to rush, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be ashamed to take a break to take care of yourself. Grieving is hard to deal with, so be sure to listen to what your brain and body need. Once you’re ready, below are a few ways to turn ashes into diamonds to preserve heirlooms forever.

A unique way to commemorate a person or pet

Your loved one is unique and deserves a unique way to remember. If the classic urn isn’t what they wanted, a great alternative is to use their leftovers to develop a one-of-a-kind diamond that echoes their bright personality and smile. It’s also an ideal option for people who aren’t sure how they want their leftovers handled. To make a diamond, all you need is half a cup of hair or ash. The rest you can scatter in your loved ones favorite spot or place their urn on a pedestal in a beautiful and peaceful cemetery.

beauty lives

The symbolism of turning a loved one’s ashes into a diamond is that their beauty – inside and out – will live forever in their spectacular stone. Every time the light hits the diamond, you’ll remember how their eyes would light up. You will remember how they smiled so hard when you reached a milestone in your life. These memories will continue to come back to you each time you gaze upon your loved one’s compound diamond. What a special gift it is to remember the love you have for them and the love they have for you. You can share this beauty with people who may not have had the chance to meet your loved one, and they can still testify to its beauty and grace.

Choose a unique frame

Your loved one was unique and irreplaceable, there is no doubt. Ashes to Diamond Companies has a plethora of diamond settings to explore. From rings to bracelets and necklaces, there’s bound to be an adornment that resembles your loved one’s elements. If you’re looking for a way to honor their uniqueness, consider customizing a diamond setting that resembles their unique personality. If you want to ensure your setting is one of a kind, consider having your loved one’s diamond made, then work with an expert jeweler to place it in a custom setting.

Brilliant Diamonds Evoke Positive Memories

The gift of fond memories with a loved one who has passed away is priceless. Often it is exceptionally difficult to remember the good times you had with your loved one who passed away surrounded by grief. (Reminder: This feeling is totally normal.) When the sun hits its diamond and splashes colorful prisms on the wall of your workplace or home, feel comfort knowing that your loved one surrounds you with love. and encouragement to get through the day. When you see the spark every once in a while, remember how their spirit shone when they were with you.

Take your loved one throughout your life

The benefit of using some of the ashes of your loved ones to make a diamond is that it gives you a safe way to carry them with you throughout your life. Some people use keychains or necklaces filled with a small amount of their loved one’s ashes, but this is dangerous as the tinctures often break or spill some of the contents – which is heartbreaking to say the least. Turning ashes into diamonds gives you a stunning and immensely sentimental piece of jewelry that you’ll never want to take off. Your loved one will be securely bonded to you as you continue to take steps.

Keep their legacy alive forever

Because diamonds are virtually indestructible, turning ashes into diamonds is a fantastic way to keep your loved one’s legacy alive forever. Turn their piece of jewelry into a family heirloom and explain to future generations the impact that person has had on your life. They will pass on their heritage from generation to generation – how special is that?

Sarah C. Figueiredo