EXCLUSIVE: A glimpse of something remarkable

The universe is a series of ripples, each ripple flowing through our lives to bring momentum that leads to better things. Whether in the form of jobs or relationships, these waves of change and new opportunities are a manifestation of the infinite potential that exists around us. We may not always recognize the power of these moments, but for the times we do, we need a way to celebrate and commemorate the occasion with something so precious and rare, a natural diamond. . Born from the ripple effect of a wave, the Forevermark Avaanti jewelry collection has now been enriched with an artistic touch by taking inspiration from the wrap for this season. The new range exudes a feminine touch, capturing the essence of modern minimalism with its sculptural design and perfectly executed wraparound design.

In their incredible glory, natural diamonds are definitive markers of time, meaning and moments. Owning a diamond is an empowering feeling that empowers women to believe in their true potential and make waves wherever they go. For women today, diamonds represent strength and prosperity as much as they reflect their indomitable spirit.

From concept to reality: the inspiration behind
While in Italian the word “Avanti” means to advance or “to enter”, in Sanskrit the word translates to “to be modest”. The new Forevermark Avaanti collection is where the two meanings converge and create their own space in the language of beauty, through its iconic and symbolic designs that were meant to be a reminder of the inner strength of every woman.

“The Forevermark Avaanti™ Global Collection has been crafted with rare, natural De Beers Forevermark diamonds. Each piece in the collection is like a personal representation of those who wear it and reminds them that they can make a change with just one wave. To support the collection, De Beers Forevermark has launched The Forevermark Avaanti™ campaign which reminds us that if you believe in yourself and seize the day, you can be unstoppable. Mr. Sachin Jain, Managing Director, De Beers India.

This season, the Forevermark Avaanti collection reaches new heights of style and innovation with three exciting and bold new additions. With a fresh and contemporary take on the modern collection, the latest designs embody a dynamic sense of possibility, a spark of inspiration that can blossom into a blaze of creativity, inspiring the wearer to realize their potential and make an enduring statement every day.

The idea behind the collection’s new designs is to invoke the timeless allure of gemstones through stylized wraparound patterns. It tells the story of recreating what it means to walk the same path and build your future as you create. It inspires you to channel your inner tidal wave, to create an unyielding momentum to give you the freedom to express your true self.

Pieces are made from rare, ethically sourced natural diamonds. Clean, dynamic designs shine brighter with the added sparkle of pavé-set diamonds. Worn together or alone, these natural diamond jewels are the cornerstones of your next adventure.

To the unstoppable women of tomorrow
Inspiring women to release their own ripples into the world, each beautifully crafted natural diamond piece in the collection celebrates the power of possibility. Considering this new philosophy as the paragon of hope, the creations are a promise of hope and an invitation to strive for excellence.

Sarah C. Figueiredo