Disney parks will feature virtual AR worlds

The House of Mouse may soon enter the Metaverse. The Walt Disney Company has patented a way to bring virtual AR worlds to Disney parks – without visitors needing to wear headsets or goggles.

According to SiliconValley.comDisney has obtained the patent for US Patent and Trademark Office on December 28 to develop a virtual world simulator. As its name suggests on the patent, the virtual simulator will immerse park visitors in 3D worlds filled with their favorite Disney characters from multiple vantage points without requiring them to use 3D glasses, AR headsets or smartphones. AR compatible. Think Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, but remove Augma helmets from the equation.


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The patent says the virtual world simulator will use a technique called Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), which constantly tracks customers’ ever-changing viewpoints as they move around Disney theme parks. This will be done by using multiple projectors capable of creating 3D images at higher frame rates per second in various locations. For example, you might see Mickey Mouse hanging out with his friends in Toontown, or see the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast hovering in front of you.

Virtual World Simulator_Walt Disney Company_patent_figure
via the United States Patent and Trademark Office

John DeStefano, patent and technology technical advisor at Founders Legal, said Spectrum News that Disney wants to bring the Virtual World Simulator to Disneyland and Walt Disney World before introducing it to other theme parks and Disney properties, saying, “Rather than watching through a phone screen or headset, Disney has developed a system almost similar to a movie projector to project onto a real surface what humans see on a screen, it’s more of a real-world experience than watching it through a phone.

Universal Studios Japan already introduced an AR system similar to car racing Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge when Super Nintendo World opened last March. However, racers still had to wear AR headsets resembling Mario’s cap as they raced through Mushroom Kingdom and other race tracks in the games.

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