Diamonds x Tees: the coolest collaboration

Think back to your first memory with diamond jewelry – chances are you saw your mother or grandmother pull her precious earrings or necklace out of a locked drawer in her wardrobe and quickly put it away. Or maybe you saw someone in your family wearing it to a wedding or formal occasion, never to be seen again until the next big event.

Natural diamond jewelry has always held a special place in our lives, but it has been hidden away. Today, we’re teaming our favorite pieces with t-shirts and jeans, layering them over athletic sets and really, pulling them out of our closets. “I see a lot of millennials buying diamonds everyday,” says fashion editor and former digital editor Rujuta Vaidya, vogue india. “There are two reasons behind this, one being mainly that it is drilled into our heads that fine jewelry is still a good investment. Secondly, disposable income has increased, so it is normal to treat yourself to a piece of “You don’t have to wait for an inheritance or a gift to celebrate you. Plus, when your natural diamond jewelry has emotional significance, you have even more reason to wear it often.” , and jewelry that I can wear every day,” says Priyanka Kapadia Badani, artistic director and fashion designer.

“To me, my jewelry is a reminder of special times and people, and I want them to be remembered every day.”

#OOTD every day: natural diamonds for work and play
When deciding to incorporate diamond jewelry into your everyday style, “start small,” says Vaidya. “I’m always mindful when adding new jewelry. It takes time for me to get used to or become familiar with it. I would suggest trying to find pieces that pair well with your existing collection so the addition isn’t too harsh. Badani recommends starting with hoop earrings or a diamond tennis necklace. “The necklace is my new favorite and is the perfect layering piece.” Since there are no rules, the pieces you choose should be the ones that suit you and your aesthetic.” If you like the style of a celebrity or influencer, study the shades and try to create a moodboard for yourself. It becomes always easier when you have pre-existing visual cues,” suggests Vaidya.

Chain Necklaces- Navrattan Jewelers, Large Ring- Tara Fine Jewelery
Rings (L) and Dancing Diamond Necklace- Tara Fine Jewellery, Rings (R)- Kirtilals, Pavé Set Band- Harakh, Bangles- Kirtilals, Layered Diamond Pendants- Notandas Jewelery

#DiamondsAndTees: the coolest collaboration
Upping an everyday casual outfit has never been easier, especially something as versatile as a comfy tee. “I think layering real diamonds in your jewelry is a real treat,” creative director and fashion stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania tells us as one of the rules to break when wearing diamonds. “If you have beautiful diamonds, all you need is a T-shirt. Who needs fancy clothes when you have real diamonds? Layer it on, be fearless.

Vaidya recommends trying thin necklaces, stacked bracelets and mini hugs when wearing your everyday t-shirts and jeans. “I tend to stick to my engagement ring, wedding band and tennis bracelet for a casual look. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for pendants or a tennis necklace to complete your look For Badani, it’s essential that your everyday diamond jewelry is comfortable, like a second skin.” Choose your favorite type of jewelry, whether it’s a bracelet, a necklace or hoops in diamond. Opt for good quality natural diamond jewelry in classic designs that will accompany you for many years rather than opting for trendy pieces. That said, don’t limit your diamond pieces to just solitaires or large bullion pieces, pick the ones you’d like to wear every day. The beauty is that you never have to take them off.

Diamond bracelet (L)- Kirtilals, large rings- Tara Fine Jewellery, enamel bracelet (R) and charm bracelet (R): Faith by AS Motiwala

Mix It Up: Custom Diamond Stacks
“Over the past few years, I’ve started collecting jewelry that I want to wear every day — diamond hoops, tennis necklaces, and my tennis bracelet have become my essentials,” says Badani. “These classics are always on me, styled with other gold jewelry and even pearl jewelry.” The former fashion director of Vogue India loves stacking her natural diamonds with other jewelry she has special memories of. “I love to mix and match my favorite coins to create a personalized stack. The stack could be anything from a yarn bracelet from my favorite travels or a pearl necklace to my grandma’s vintage gold coins. mother.

Hoop – Anmol Jewelers, Diamond Pendant – Faith by AS Motiwala, Bracelet – Kirtilals

“I recently had several ear piercings which I love to style with diamond hoops of different sizes. The outfit doesn’t matter anymore; my everyday jewelry is on me at all times. And you should invest in classic pieces that will go well with jeans, a sweatshirt or a saree. The pieces she wears every day, no doubt – “My Hanut Singh diamond talisman pendant and tennis bracelets.”

You may be someone who likes to change piles every day or who prefers to stick to their natural diamond jewelry – either way, there’s never been a better time to wear your diamonds with your favorite everyday tops and t-shirts and have fun with them!

Team Credits:
Photographer: Mayank Mudnaney
Stylist: Ojas Kolvankar
Drawing: Riya Panjabi
Models: Anvi, Preet and Sana
Production: Per gram

Sarah C. Figueiredo