‘Diamonds Are Forever’ – Animal Kingdom Season 6 Ep 6 Review

Deran notices Eddie’s jewelry in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ (Screenshot: Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 6)

Animal Kingdom Season 6 episode 6, titled “Diamonds Are Forever”, showed Cody’s men stealing a bunch of diamonds while continuing to deal with some romantic and platonic relationship issues.

I was provided with a free screen of ‘Diamonds are forever’ for evaluation. The opinions I have shared are my own.

It was finally time for Cody’s men to put their plan into action. Due to being unable to rob Eddie’s real business center due to all security protocols, they had to settle for stealing the diamonds on display at the exclusive party hosted by Brock (a major media celebrity social).

I think the writers did a terrific job of explaining the complexities of such a heist. There were a lot of moving parts that had to be perfectly timed. Some things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to and that helped add a good dose of intensity to the whole sequence. Now, while I loved seeing the Codys working together to steal expensive jewelry, I have to say that in hindsight, the mission seemed to have some holes in it.

Why didn’t Deran wear gloves when he swapped the real jewelry for the fake ones? Also, with Deran, Craig and Andrew showing up at the same location, wouldn’t it be easy for a police officer or detective to point them out if they decided to review any possible security footage or even the footage that the paparazzi group took? Footage of Brock “hitting” Craig with his car and of Craig hitting one of Brock’s security guards appeared online around the time the acts allegedly took place, right?

Also, seeing Arthur tell Joshua that stealing from Eddie didn’t make him happy made me look at Arthur sideways. He told Joshua to lose his number. However, is there a chance that Arthur will change his mind and confess to Eddie what he helped the Codys do?

Let’s see if these things come to bite the Codys down the line. If they don’t, well, what’s done is done. And like I said, I liked the intensity and the time-sensitive nature of the work even though some things just didn’t make sense.

Regarding the evolution of the relationships between the main players, I will start with Andrew. Having met his old flame in the previous episode, it only made sense that Andrew would want to reconnect with her. Even Joshua told Andrew to call him. With the way things ended between Andrew and Amy, I’m pretty interested to see how their reunion goes. However, at the same time, I also don’t want Amy putting herself in harm’s way, especially over the hint that Andrew might relapse into his unhinged personality very soon. Andrew is trying to change himself, but I don’t think that was ever an option for him after being raised by Janine for so long.

The moment Detective Thompson decided to break into Cody’s house (while they were out doing the diamond work), I knew she was going to mess something up to alert Andrew to her presence. I expected Andrew to notice that one of his breakfast cereal boxes was not stored properly. But it was the wrong time displayed on the microwave oven’s digital clock that did the trick. Andrew suspecting that someone had entered the house, he won’t rest until he finds out who broke in. The cat-and-mouse hunt between Andrew and Thompson is going to be exciting.

I appreciate that she’s the kind of detective who’s willing to bend the rules to catch the wrong people, but she has to be careful. Andrew is a joker. And he is extremely dangerous when his family is threatened.

When it comes to the status of Deran and Craig’s relationship, the tension between the two has finally erupted. They’d been throwing verbal punches at each other for a while now, but “Diamonds Are Forever” had punched them. Craig just doesn’t like Deran’s “leader” persona. He’s also quite annoyed with Deran because he didn’t give Craig the support he needs to find a way to get Nick back. It is obvious that problems still exist between the two brothers. But, because of how they are as characters, I think they won’t be as mad as they used to be after fighting in this episode.

Relationships were also a thing during the flashback sequences. It was obvious that Julia and Baz were going to meet and they finally did in “Diamonds Are Forever”. Of course, Janine wasn’t a fan, especially when she realized that Baz being with Julia was costing her a job. And the last thing you want to do is make Janine miss a payday.

Baz is now stuck in a standoff between Janine and Julia. Not only that, but Andrew certainly won’t be thrilled about his twin sister sleeping with their “brother”, whenever he finds out. I think Janine is going to be the one to tell Andrew. Everything is going to get complicated and that’s what I’m here for!

Six episodes aired from the 13-episode final season of Animal Kingdom. While I enjoyed the show, I have one gripe. At this point, all of Cody’s men except Deran have some sort of romance-centric arc for them. Andrew contacted Amy. Craig is interested in getting back with Renn. And Joshua refuses to stop seeing Penny.

On the other hand, Deran has virtually no one. And before anyone mentions it, I wouldn’t call Deran being with “Chad” an actual relationship. Deran also had no one the season before, after Adrian left the country in season 4. What I’m trying to say is that we’ve had enough time with a heartbroken Deran already and morose throughout Season 5. And I really don’t want him to continue acting the same way in the final season. So hopefully the writers have a plan for Deran’s love life in future episodes. We all know Deran won’t find happiness until he finds a way to find Adrian.

Anyway, what did you think of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’? Do you think Andrew will catch Thompson before she can get to him?

Let us know.

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