Colored diamonds shine at Christie’s; pink diamond hits $6.7 million

Last week, colored diamonds dominated Christie’s New York ‘Magnificent Jewels’ auction, led by the 8.8-carat pink diamond dubbed ‘The Fuchsia Rose’, which sold for $6.7 million. dollars (9.1 million Australian dollars).

The stone – a potentially flawless intense pink-violet fancy diamond – is a pear-shaped diamond set in a platinum ring flanked by two 6.1-carat colorless diamonds.

The tender resulted in the sale of 68 of the 71 lots for an estimated value of $25.1 million (A$34.1 million).

Other notable colored diamonds included a 2.44-carat fancy intense pink diamond that sold for $1.6 million (A$2.17 million) and a 15.31-carat vivid yellow diamond ring that grossed around $1.3 million (USD). UA 1.77 million).

White diamonds also performed well, highlighted by a 51.28 carat round brilliant cut diamond ring that sold for over $1.6 million (A$2.17 million) and a diamond ring 9.56 carat Bulgari which fetched $630,000 (AU$855,858).

Another notable piece was an 1850 antique; a cabochon-cut pyramid-shaped Kashmir sapphire pendant of 10.47 carats surrounded by pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds which sold for $591,200 (AU$803,148).

Among the signed lots, Cartier sold the 11 lots led by a 1925 antique art deco platinum bracelet set with one-cut diamonds and cushion-cut and caliber rubies which sold for US$529,200 (AU$718,921). .

Christie’s defines signed jewelry as pieces bearing the engraved marks or maker’s mark – a practice said to have begun with jewelers around 1860.

The “signature” was made popular during the 20th century in commerce and generally increases the value of the item – as a seal of authenticity – compared to unsigned pieces.

Several of the signed and antique jewels auctioned at last week’s event belonged to the famous Rockefeller family.

Next month, Christie’s will auction a 228.31 carat pear-shaped white diamond, dubbed ‘The Rock’, which is expected to fetch around $30m (AU40.50m) in the bidding of Luxury Week in Geneva.

‘The Rock’ is believed to be the largest cut white diamond to be auctioned and is set to break the record for largest white diamond sold at auction, currently held by a 163.41 carat stone sold by Christie’s Geneva in 2017.


‘The rock’

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Sarah C. Figueiredo