Chocolate Easter Bunny Shot Glasses

Easter 2022 has officially passed, but what probably hasn’t gone are all those chocolate bunnies hanging around the house. You know, with the giant ears and little candy eyeballs staring in your direction as they nestle in their grass-lined basket house.

We were just talking about it on the air this morning, that unlike other holidays like Christmas and even Halloween, Easter is a kind of free holiday for everyone. Some do brunches, others dinners, and it’s not uncommon to go out for a meal on Easter Sunday. The one common theme for most celebrations is candy – especially chocolate bunnies.

What do we do with all those chocolate bunnies?

As I was cleaning up the aftermath of Tropical Storm Turco aka my daughter tearing up her baskets yesterday I realized we had way too many hollow chocolate bunnies for a child to consume so what should we do with them ?

Enter the Chocolate Bunny Edible Shot Glasses!

ksena32 for Canva

ksena32 for Canva

It might have created a bit of excitement over dessert last night, my seventy-year-old dad taking shots of Fireball from the bottom half of a chocolate bunny while my mom pours Bailey’s mint in a set of loose bunny ears – Guess there’s hope for next year.

Unbreakable chocolate bunny cup

So how do you take these hollow bunnies apart without breaking the chocolate? According to Teaspoonall you have to do is get a very sharp knife, put it in a pot of boiling water, pat it dry, and bam, you’re ready to cut. for Canva, Yayayoyo for Canva for Canva, Yayayoyo for Canva

Just add alcohol

When it comes to the best types of alcohol to put in your shot glasses, consider what will go best with a chocolate base, the aforementioned Bailey’s, some of the flavors of Pinnacle Vodka, Godiva has a whole line of liquors to choose from. chocolate base, Kahlua, or anything Irish cream, peppermint, butterscotch, vanilla, or even cinnamon.

karenfoleyphotography for Canva, heyrabbiticons for Canva

karenfoleyphotography for Canva, heyrabbiticons for Canva

All that remains is to figure out what to say to the children when they realize that some of their bunnies have disappeared…

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