Cardi B and Beyoncé shine like diamonds with very expensive jewelry

The diamonds are Cardi B and Beyoncé’s best friend as singers have the most expensive jewelry collections in the music game.

Cardi B wasn’t lying when she said, “I like dollars, I like diamonds, I like waterfalls, I like glitter.” Naturally, the “I Like It” rapper is late to the top of from Pandora top ten musicians with the most bling-bling jewelry collections. Nonetheless, Cardi B has around £10.7 million of bling when it comes to jewelry.

Beyonce, one of the best-selling artists in the world, is a close second. She has an astonishing collection of jewelry worth £8.8million. Fun fact: one of Beyoncé’s pieces, the “Butterfly” ring, was generously donated by the musician to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It can be seen in the museum’s jewelry collection.

The pair have the most expensive gem and jewelry collections, according to research by Pandora UK.

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The music business can be a glamorous business and custom dictates that you show up looking for money. Although lavish bling is normally attributed to male musicians, especially in the world of hip-hop, it’s no surprise who looks best for women. Cardi B and Queen Bey, among the greatest musicians of this generation, have crazy jewelry collections.

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Let’s break down the top ten list below, including the genre with the most ornate performers.

Which musicians are ranked in the top 10?

Adele, who is the only top ten artist from the UK, joins the list. Lady Gaga and Doja Cat complete the top five, with valuations of £3.8m, £3.1m and £1.5m respectively. Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Billie Eilish, Saweetie and Ariana Grande make up the top ten in that order.

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Among the artists’ pieces, which are the most valuable?

Cardi B’s most expensive piece of jewelry is a 157 carat diamond sparkling necklace worth £5,814,585. The price is equivalent to buying 2,233 homes in the UK (the medium the house is priced at £250,200.)

It is one of the most expensive individual jewels worn by a musician. The necklace is matched only by Beyoncé whose choker set with diamonds has the same valuation.

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What genre have the most bling-bling musicians?

Hip-hop and R&B musicians have some of the most expensive jewelry collections compared to pop and soul artists.

Pandora UK also investigated how many Spotify streams the respective artists would need to cover the cost of their jewelry. According to an industry estimate of $0.0033 per stream (£0.0027), Cardi B would need over 4 billion streams to equal the value of all her jewelry!

Sarah C. Figueiredo