An ode to Olivia Attwood’s iconic eyewear (and where to buy them) | Purchases

From the moment she appeared on our screens, Olivia Attwood’s frames made an impression on all of us visually impaired girls. Nobody likes oversized frames like her, and Liv gives us the confidence to use our glasses as a chic fashion accessory.

Olivia’s go-tos are square-shaped glasses with a chunky black frame – like those iconic Chanel designs – but she also pulls off the fine rose gold thread and ’70s aviator specs like no other.

If you’re looking for a pair of these Gorge frames, we can’t blame you. We decided to dig deep into Liv’s IG to spot her favorite frames and do a roundup of the closest styles we could find. Shop our favorites below.

The black frame

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A classic black frame that Olivia rocks on the reg, we love this super affordable and stylish pair that’s a perfect addition to your erryday look.

Saskia Black Framed Glasses

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These are almost a lookalike for the Chanel black-rimmed glasses, minus the high price tag. The chunky frame gives us a sassy queen, and we love the TBH drama.

Vogue Marbella x Millie Bobby Sunglasses Brown

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A bold pair of chunky black rimmed glasses, created in collaboration with Vogue Eyewear and Millie Bobby Brown – so you know they’re iconic. They’re sturdy, sleek, and definitely a bit of Liv…

The golden wire frame

Tommy Hilfiger Gold Frame Glasses

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This pair of gold frames is ideal for an extra touch of elegance and a design adored by the queen of frames herself. Pair these bad boys with your favorite gold jewelry for a matching throat moment.

Sterre Gold Frame Glasses

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Another beautiful pair we want ten of, these come in gold, rose gold, red or black, and frame the face beautifully.

Azalea London Retro

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A total ode to 70s fashion, you can’t get enough of these retro features. They’re light, AF cool, and scream Olivia.

70s aviator style

Mini High Key Glasses

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An Olivia classic, these aviator-style glasses are bestsellers for a reason. Available in silver, gold and black, choose the tone that’s right for you and take on the world like the cool nerd that you are.

Fly Aviator Goggles

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Another sturdy pair of aviator glasses with clear frames, to complete any look. These are a little smaller, so perfect for narrower faces, and come in three gorgeous shades.

Mister Spex Gold Mounted Aviators

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Aviator but do it with class, this pair of specs is perfect for a girls night out if you don’t feel like putting on contacts.

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Olivia Attwood Jewelry

Did you know that Olivia has her own jewelry line? In collaboration with Abbott Lyon, the Love Island girl has created a brand of designer-inspired, yet very affordable personalized jewelry.

Think personalized initials, zodiac signs, nameplates and more. Shop the magnificent collection here.

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