Amazon Deal of the Day: 7 Fragrances for Women Who Want to Smell Heaven

Finding the perfect perfume is harder than finding a perfect date. But if you’re here, you’re almost ready to grab the perfect scent to smell like an angel from heaven. The right scents are so important that they leave a lasting impression and our subconscious tends to remember each one with its own unique scent. In today’s Amazon deal of the day, we’re bringing you 7 fragrances for women that will lift your spirits and make you feel divine and fresh.

Here are 7 perfumes for women from Amazon deal of the day:

These 7 perfumes are now on sale thanks to the Amazon offer of the day. So, buy them at knock-down prices right away!

1. CFS Lady Eau De Parfum

With middle notes of jasmine, peach, plum and musk, sandalwood and vetiver, this divine fragrance can be used for party, office, daily, any occasion and any purpose. This fragrance is naturally luxurious and dangerously addictive.

Price: Rs 360

Deal: Rs 330

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2. Vivid Sandalwood Scent

This fragrance for women comes with a soft sandalwood note with a beautiful woody base reminiscent of wild sandalwood trees in the forest. The sweet milky top note blends well with the crisp heart notes of wood and ends with the sublime and pure note of sandalwood.


Price: Rs 360

Deal: Rs 290

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3. Guess the attractive women

Seductive by Guess is a seductive fragrance evoking all of femininity, confidence and seductive charm. This mind-warming scent captivates you with deep notes of bergamot, cassis and pear; middle notes are jasmine, african orange blossom and orris root followed by base notes of vanilla, olibanum and cashmere wood.


Price: Rs 4400

Deal: Rs 2593

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4. London White Scent

Want that premium luxury fragrance? It should be your choice. This premium fragrance is a springtime blend of fresh fruit and florals that embodies the classic, elegant and timeless appeal of these exquisite fragrances. This product is a fragrance that stands out because its scent will make your partner fall fiercely in love with you.


Price: Rs 366

Deal: Rs 328

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5. Riya Intense Gold Apparel Perfume

With this feminine and seductive scent, get ready to conquer the world with your charming fragrance. It will put you in a good mood and boost your confidence. This featured product comes in a nice glass bottle and comes in liquid form. It measures 80 milliliters and the packet contains perfume. This product is not tested on animals.


Price: Rs 395

Deal: Rs 350

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6. Hire Lover Intensity Eau De Parfum

With a cheerfully vibrant blend of citrus and berry, followed by a soothing, woody trail, reminiscent of white driftwood by the sea; this scent is perfect for bringing out your intensely joyful expression of love.


Price: Rs 999

Deal: Rs 764

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7. Secret Temptation Romance Eau De Parfum

This is a luxurious and elegant fragrance for women, a burst of floral freshness that is perfect for defining your attractive personality, making it one of our signature scents. Spray the enchanting and delicious scent of Romance and write a love story, an epic romance between you and your dreams.


Price: Rs 399

Deal: Rs 267

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Amazon Deal of the Day is just a daily sale event where you can get your handy products at discounted rates for a limited time. These fragrances are available at great deals right now and these deals will only be valid until tonight. So why wait? Grab them all right away!

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