Ajmal Fragrances awaken our senses with their new fragrance Qafiya Gold featured on billboards in Dubai. | INSITE OOH multimedia platform

Made for a taste that reflects the region, Ajmal Perfumes releases its new spicy fragrance Qafiya Gold Edition Unisex. Following Ajmal previous appearance on Dubai’s OOH stage promoting their Amir brand, the UAE’s master perfumer creates the nation’s scent with cardamom, clary sage and orange blossom in the top notes. The fragrance was created to celebrate the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates.

The first advertising space reflects the Emirati culture through the representation of life in the desert and the nationals who cross it. The men and women who appeared in the advertisement were dressed in their traditional Emirati clothing, these being the dishdasha and cape. This certainly accentuates the ethnic meaning of the ad. Ajmal also presents a replica of the new Qafiya Gold Edition with the flag of the United Arab Emirates on the packaging, accompanied by the phrase “إلى 50 عاما من الفخر المتدفق عبر الأجيال” which translates to “Dedicated to 50 years of pride crossing the generations”. The ad copy is quite plain, with brown and gold colors to emphasize the sophistication and nurturing nature of the brand. Finally, Ajmal places its social media accounts and website very subtly in the ad, in addition to the brand logo, placed on a black background to further emphasize it.

Ajmal’s new Qafiya Gold Edition campaign was released the second week of December on digital screens in Dubai.

Sarah C. Figueiredo