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Jenna Housby gave herself a serious mission when she sat down to design Aether Diamonds’ first collection of fine jewelry. It was in the middle of the pandemic, but Housby saw a future where people wanted to celebrate again, whether it was freedom in terms of a revived social scene or personal expression.

As design director of Aether, Housby also wanted to give Aether’s diamonds a luxury setting, pushing new ideas for the kind of design and feel that could come from lab-grown diamonds. Aether is best known for creating what he claims to be the world’s first diamonds from atmospheric carbon, attracting CO2 air rather than using fossil fuels like other lab-grown diamond producers.

The result is the new from Aether Domed Collectionthat seeks to balance beauty, self-expression and a generational commitment to sustainability, says Housby.

Bomb earrings
The Domed bauble octo stud earrings with floating stones in 18k yellow gold Fairmined and 1.18 cts. tw Aether Lab Diamonds ($18,000).

As inspiration, Housby says she thought of diamonds as a way to celebrate life’s defining moments and also things like hanging out with friends at places like New York’s famous Studio 54. She also wanted this collection to connect with the jewelry Aether customers already wear. , such as her wedding pieces as well as custom orders.

“We wanted to show the potential of what we do as a company and what we can do in terms of design,” says Housby. “It’s the story of the brand as well as that of celebrating itself through these luxurious pieces.”

In its advertising campaign for the Domed Collection, Ether sought out activists such as the sustainable fashion advocate Aditi Mayerenvironmental specialist Nikita Elyseeand ballet dancer and choreographer Gabe Pierre Shayer to highlight the collection’s messages, which are about how people want to represent freedom through their selection of sustainable products, says Ryan Shearman, co-founder and CEO of Aether.

Photographed and directed by Jake Rosenberg, the resulting images emphasize the idea of ​​being a caretaker for the future, positively impacting local communities as well as the planet, and the concept that “the future is a luxury”, alongside images and videos from the Bombé collection on Mayer, Elyse and Shayer.

Ether Nikita Elysee
Aether sought out people who care deeply about the environment and sustainability, including environmental scientist Nikita Elyse (above), to represent its new Bombé collection.

“There’s a perception that with a commitment to sustainability comes some form of sacrifice,” Shearman says. “When you create a ‘more sustainable’ product, you still have to meet the same quality and style requirements that consumers expect. Tesla has done a great job on this. They have demonstrated that you can give consumers what they want and want [in terms of sustainability] into a premium product without having to sacrifice any dimension.

Telling the story of this stone through remarkable pieces such as those found in the Bombé collection is why the Aether team works so hard and so quickly, says Housby. Housby, Shearman and co-founder Dan Wojno are all veterans of the jewelry industry. Wojno and Shearman came from David Yurman; Housby has worked with Theo Fennell and Stephen Webster as well as with Pandora.

Describing itself as a “climate tech startup”, Aether debuted in 2020 and quickly evolved to gain traction in the jewelry and fashion worlds. To support its environmental efforts, Aether obtained its B Corp certification in early 2022.

Above: In August, Aether Diamonds launched its first fine jewelry collection, Bombé, inspired by thoughts of freedom, self-expression and a commitment to sustainability. Its ad campaign features influencers including Aditi Mayer, sustainable fashion advocate, photojournalist and workers’ rights activist (photos courtesy of Aether Diamonds).

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