Aether diamonds and fine jewelry are durable and magically crafted from air

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – it’s something a lot of people believe, but others think it’s no longer valid for most women these days. Indeed, as the Earth ages, we learn to become more responsible by taking care of the environment. There is a call to become more sustainable for a better future, and so everything should be green, eco-efficient and environmentally friendly as much as possible.

Sustainable fashion is advancing, including most handcrafted products made through fair and ethical processes. It also includes items made with eco-friendly production and packaging and made from organic materials. Additionally, sustainable footwear and clothing have entered the sphere of eco-warriors, and soon we will know more about sustainable jewelry.

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Ethereal Diamonds

Technically, real jewelry comes from nature, but there is a tendency to develop jewelry that lasts. This means that they must be made from sustainable materials or be made using sustainable processes. For those who enjoy luxury items while trying to be more environmentally conscious, there is the ironic question of how to continue buying diamonds when the extraction of the precious element is causing environmental devastation and can seriously damage the land.

People wonder if there is a sustainable alternative when it comes to diamonds. We have the answer: Aether, a company committed to creating carbon-negative diamonds from the air of the world. Green diamond lovers will probably approve of this because it gives them two things: eco-efficiency and diamonds.

Ether Diamond Jewelry

Sustainable jewelry

Can you be eco-friendly and love luxury at the same time? Thanks to lab-grown diamonds which are already an excellent alternative to naturally mined diamonds, we believe it is possible. Believe it or not, Aether Diamonds are made from the air, and the company has proven there’s still a lot to be done when it comes to science and technology.

Aether unites science, craftsmanship and design. No need to spend a lot on unethically mined diamonds. This activity has undoubtedly evolved over the past few decades, making the Earth healthier for the next generation. The air used is not just the ordinary air we breathe, it is the polluted air that abounds and turns into gems. And so they’re not exactly the kind of expensive diamonds that can cost millions, but they’re just as beautiful – something that can be the perfect alternative.

Ether Diamond Jewelry

Aether began shipping the first batch of diamond orders since 2021 after raising approximately $18 million in funding. By 2022, production is expected to increase and possibly exceed previous sales. Diamonds made from air are a collection of enduring fine jewelry. There is no more guilt when buying Aether as it is a synthetic diamond.

How are etheric diamonds made

How is an Aether Diamond made? It goes through four simple steps starting with the capture of CO2 using a unique technology, then moving on to the synthesis of hydrocarbons. The diamond is then “grown” in specialized chemical vapor deposition reactors. After the diamonds are developed, jewelry experts do things like cut, polish, and set beautiful jewelry.

The startup is committed to continuing to blend sustainability, design and aesthetics. Knowing how the company makes these diamonds, without mining, child labor and poor working conditions, makes Aether an attractive company. We know that it respects not only the environment but also people. It is something we need in this century in the face of all global challenges, climate change and humanitarian efforts.

Aether CEO Ryan Shearman said: “In the midst of global climate change and all the other challenges that 2020 has brought with it, we believe there is now a great opportunity for ambitious actors to step in and help shape the future. Now more than never before, the forces of true and lasting change are coming together to transform our world into one where massive positive advances for humanity and the planet are truly possible. Aether aims to bring about change and is committed to serving as “beacon of integrity and transparency in the diamond industry, where so many others have failed to deliver on this promise to consumers.”

What Aether brings to the table is abundant – no water is wasted, there is no dirty energy, and no part of the earth is uprooted. Another benefit is cleaner air as diamonds remove carbon dioxide and clean the atmosphere. It is said that the people behind Aether “making decisions with the well-being of life on earth in mind.” The company does not support any depletion of natural resources, displacement of indigenous populations, unfair working conditions or child labor.

Ethereal Diamond Jewelry Set

Ether Diamond Ring Set

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