A diamond among diamonds: Greenlab will present a unique collection of three diamonds at JCK Las Vegas

With its vision of making luxury sustainable and affordable, Greenlab Diamonds is proud to announce its latest collection, “Om Namah Shivay”. This collection is a set of three very unique diamonds that sparkle and showcase Greenlab’s top notch expertise and modern technology at work. Each diamond is the result of the company’s unwavering commitment and advancement in lab-grown diamond technology, enabling them to produce the finest quality diamonds in the world.

“Using our expertise and advanced techniques, we have created Om, a step-cut marquise diamond with a size of 27.27 carats, making it the largest lab-polished diamond in the world. Our second dazzling, Namah, is a 15.16 carat pear-shaped diamond that has been beautifully polished, displaying its beauty to the viewer.Together, Om and Namah are the largest lab-grown polished diamonds in the world, without any color enhancement, or in in other words, they are “as grown”.

The third diamond, Shivaya, is a 20.24 carat masterpiece that exudes charm and elegance. This emerald cut diamond is perfectly shaped to attract the viewer and can add grace to any hand it is placed on.

“Synthetic diamonds are for everyone. We believe in growing better diamonds; sustainable, affordable luxury that feeds people and the planet,” said Sanket Patel, Partner at Greenlab. “We want to show it to the world at the JCK show in Las Vegas for consumers to experience the product. They will be on display at booth no. 8131 Labon LLC. Our craftsmanship makes us different from others and we invite members of our fraternity to testify,” he added.

For years, Greenlab has been at the forefront of lab-grown diamond production and continues to lead the way with new records year after year. A modern diamond and technology company, Greenlab goes beyond the current range of diamond culture to raise public awareness and care for both people and the environment. He was the first to use technology and innovation to push the boundaries of the diamond industry. As a result, Greenlab has created a unique high quality product – Better Diamonds. The new collection bears witness to this very aspect of the organization.

Committed to its goal of sustainable luxury, Greenlab powers its 31,000 m² factory with renewable energy, operated by its 25 MW solar power plant spread over 90 acres of land. This further reduces the cost to nature.

The company has also created a self-contained diamond production ecosystem. Greenlab does this by growing diamonds, cutting and polishing them as well as designing diamond jewelry in the same ecosystem. This farm-to-shelf process ensures minimal supply chain issues and optimal quality control.

“We are New Age farmers cultivating high quality diamonds to set global quality standards. We are also carvers, as we cut and polish cultured diamonds, even setting new global standards. And along the same lines, we are designers because we design dazzling jewelry that exceeds expectations.

“Om Namah Shivay” is just the start of better things to come. As the adoption of lab-grown diamonds increases, Greenlab is committed to raising the bar with better quality, better durability and ultimately better diamonds,” said Mukesh Patel, President of Greenlab Diamonds.

You can learn more about Greenlab and its different verticals on www.greenlab.diamonds and contact them by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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