7 coupe glasses that will make you feel like Jay Gatsby

Whether for a tower of champagne at a wedding, a toast to celebrate the New Year or a lavish Gatsby-style party, a coupe glass is a lovely way to sip a drink. It was originally made by a monk in the 17th century in England. Soon after, glass became a popular choice for wealthy French people as tales of King Louis XIV molding cut glass into the shape of his wife’s breast. No matter how it gained popularity, today cut glass is a sign of elegance and grace. It’s a fashionable way to imbibe. Here are our top favorites.

Our top picks

What are cut glasses used for?

A cut glass holds five to seven ounces and is most often used for champagne. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your drink of choice in the low, wide-mouthed glass. They go particularly well with cocktails, such as martini, French 75and manhattan. When served, i.e. shaken or stirred with ice before being strained and served chilled, the cocktail stays cold longer when you can hold the glass by the stem.

How we chose these products

We have included a wide range of cut glasses from different retailers for different budgets. We’ve reviewed the top-rated cut glasses from stemware brands we trust. We’ve also added a few of our favorites, including traditional cut glasses and those with a modern twist or vintage flair. Here are the best cut glasses you need to add to your bar cart ahead of New Year’s Eve.

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Sarah C. Figueiredo