6 reasons to choose black diamonds over traditional diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But what about the alternative? Black diamonds are a great choice for anyone who wants to look elegant and sophisticated. These gemstones have a dark, natural beauty that is unmatched by other types of jewelry.

Not only do black diamonds look great, they also offer a number of other practical advantages over traditional white diamonds. So if you are considering buying an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry with black diamonds, read on! We’ll show you why it’s worth investing in these beautiful stones today!

Black diamonds are unique

While black diamonds are not actually black, they are a dark gray color. That’s what makes them so unique. When you compare a traditional white diamond to a black diamond of the same size and clarity, you will notice that there is approximately 15-20% more carbon in the structure of the stone. This gives an even deeper hue than one would expect for such an affordable gemstone!

Black diamonds also tend to be rarer than white diamonds because most of them come from certain regions of Africa where the conditions are perfect for their growth (and therefore their rarity). If you look around online or in local stores you’ll see plenty of ads saying things like ‘rare’ or ‘unusual’ when discussing these gems, which goes to show just how great they are. really special!

Black diamonds don’t need much cleaning

You can play hard with your black diamond! Black diamonds are naturally harder than white diamonds and therefore do not need to be protected from daily wear. They’re also more scratch and chip resistant, so you don’t have to worry about gently cleaning them as often.

Black diamonds also stay beautiful in more extreme temperatures, so you can wear them during the hot summer months without having to worry about damaging their appearance. The chemical resistance of black diamonds means that if your ring is accidentally dipped in coffee or wine (which has happened before in our office), it will not stain your white gold ring or change color permanently.

Black diamonds go well with white or yellow gold

Black diamonds are an excellent complement to white or yellow gold. In fact, they are an excellent choice for wedding bands and other jewelry intended to be worn in public.

Black diamonds typically have a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale, making them durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. They also have high optical reflectivity which means they shimmer like crazy when placed next to another gemstone or metal.

If you are looking for something special for your wedding or anniversary, you might want to consider Leibish black diamonds in engagement rings (and matching pieces).

Black diamonds are extremely durable

Black diamonds are the strongest known substance on earth. For this reason, traditional diamonds can be used for all kinds of things, like industrial cutting tools and electrical contacts. This makes it a great investment for anyone looking to invest in something that will last.

Black diamonds are also scratch and chip resistant as they are made of pure carbon. Although black diamond jewelry is not as shiny as traditional yellow or white diamond jewelry, it will last much longer than other types of jewelry made from organic materials or man-made materials such as glass or metal. plastic.

Black diamonds are also extremely durable when exposed to extreme temperatures – you can put them in boiling water without damaging them (as long as you don’t leave them there). They are also resistant to chemicals and acids like sulfuric acid, making them ideal for use in industrial equipment where other types might fail faster due to corrosion caused by these harsh chemicals!

Black diamonds differ from traditional diamonds

Black diamonds are rare, which means they are a great choice for anyone looking to make a bold statement. While the majority of diamonds are white or colorless, black diamonds are much less common. This makes it a great choice for any jewelry designer or collector who wants something special and unique.

Black diamonds also have more durability than their traditional counterparts. Traditional white diamonds can be chipped or scratched quite easily, but black diamonds do not suffer from this problem due to their rich color and patterned structure (which gives them a higher density). If you want something that stands out from the crowd yet is durable enough to last through your daily activities, then black is definitely the way to go!


If you’ve never considered a black diamond before, it’s time to reconsider. Black diamonds offer an unparalleled combination of beauty, quality and value that makes them ideal for anyone who wants their jewelry to stand out from the crowd.

Black diamonds are unique in that they don’t require much cleaning or maintenance compared to traditional white or colorless diamonds. They can also be paired with yellow gold without looking flashy or cheap, a look often difficult to achieve with other stones. And if your style leans toward minimalism, these pieces of jewelry offer a great opportunity to show off your personal taste and flair while remaining functional and practical.

These jewels are also extremely durable; they won’t scratch easily like other stones might over time (and if they scratch a little, it won’t affect the overall look). Also, there is no need for polishing as black diamonds already have a shiny finish due to their carbon content! That means you’ll save money on professional cleanings at least once a year!

Black diamonds are everything that traditional diamonds are not: unique, rare and almost impossible to find. But they are also everything a diamond should be: beautiful and brilliant, tough and durable. If you want something to set you apart from the crowd, look no further than black diamond. We hope we have convinced you to try them!

Sarah C. Figueiredo