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GONE are the days when you misplace your specs or accidentally sit on them (we’ve all been there).

It’s time to invest in one of the best glasses chains on the market, there to keep them intact while accessorizing your outfit.

Sweet and simple, they basically come in the form of a necklace that connects to your glasses – easy access and you never lose them. Practical, right?

Whether you want to look pretty with pearls or beaded styles, or more practical with a leather or elastic cotton option, there are tons to choose from.

Matching both your sunglasses and your daily specs, here are the best eyeglass chains to buy online.

The best spectacle chains at a glance

Helga Hearts Sunglasses Chain


  • Helga Hearts Sunglasses Chain, £19.50 at Oliver Bonas – buy here

For a chicer look than ever, check out Oliver Bonas’ Helga Hearts sunglasses chain.

The heart-shaped cut-out detail perfectly decorates this delicate chain, ideal for securing your sunglasses on summer days.

he: 25dB Dimensions: 18x18cm


Beaded glasses strap


  • Beaded Glasses Strap, £5.99 from Amazon – Buy here

You don’t have to skimp on style when it comes to budget – this beaded eyeglass strap from Amazon is under £6.

Pearls are everywhere right now, what’s not to love?

Missoma Curb chain in pearls and precious stones


  • Pearl & Gemstone Curb Glasses Chain, £79 from Missoma – buy here

The Pearl & Gemstone Curb Chain from Missoma is sure to add that little extra to every outfit you wear it with.

It doubles as an elegant accessory, decorated with freshwater pearls that rest on 18k gold-plated brass. We like.

8pcs Kuou Goggle Straps


  • Kuou 8 PCS Goggle Straps, £2.99 from Amazon – Buy here

Save the cash and grab this pack of eight goggle straps for under £3. What a bargain.

Not only is it great value, but you’re also equipped with options to match your outfit, depending on the day. Cared for.

Custom Beaded Sunglasses Chain


  • Personalized Beaded Sunglasses Chain, £14.99 from Etsy – Buy here

Jump on the colorful bead trend with this personalized chain from Etsy.

It’s eye-catching, cute, and adding your name to it is an adorable touch that we’re so here for.

Boots Glasses Chain


  • Boots Glasses Chain, £3.99 at Boots – buy here

Another bargain, this boot glasses chain costs just under £4.

Pair it with silver jewelry for a look that will make anyone want to wear glasses.

Fodlon goggle strap


  • Fodlon Goggle Strap, £5.99 from Amazon – Buy here

These Fodlon goggle straps are water resistant with an adjustable non-slip elastic clasp buckle.

Plus, the prints are pretty funky too.

Girls blue floral beaded sunglasses chain


  • Girls Blue Flower Beaded Sunglasses Chain, £5 from River Island – buy here

Keep the flowers blooming all year round with this blue beaded sunglasses chain from River Island.

Who doesn’t love a garland?

Frame Chain Gold Plated Eyefash Glasses Chain


  • Eyefash gold-plated Frame Chain glasses chain, £99 from Liberty – buy here

Frame Chain’s range of eyewear chains are the crème de la crème. This gold plated Eyefash design is a definite statement.

Wear it with gold jewelry and an all-black look for your next dinner date.

The Book Club Chunky Glasses Chain in Pink


  • The Chunky Book Club Glasses Chain in Pink, £18 at Asos – buy here

You’ve probably spotted big plastic jewelry all over Instagram, just like this chain from The Book Club.

In a pastel pink, it’s as cool as it is practical.

Adult sail float cord retainer


  • Adult Sailing Floating Cord Retainer, £5.99 from Decathlon – Buy here

Do you spend a lot of time in the water? The Decathlon Adult Sailing Floating Restraint Cord may be the one for you.

It floats so you’ll never lose your sunglasses on the ocean floor, making it ideal for sailors, swimmers, and people who like to splash.

Just Glasses Set of 4 Glasses Lanyards


  • Just Glasses Set of 4 Glasses Lanyards, £5.99 from Amazon – Buy here

If you want to keep it simple, look no further than Amazon’s Just Glasses chains.

You get four in a pack for under £6, which is a lot. Plus, black goes with everything.

Hifot Beaded Chain Sunglasses


  • Beaded Chain Sunglasses Holder for Hifot Glasses, £6.49 from amazingon Buy here

Rainbow beads are always a good idea. We love this three-pack from Hifot on Amazon.

It’s a trendy purchase that you definitely won’t regret.

Public Desire Oversized Chunky Glasses Chain in Black


  • Public Desire Oversized Chunky Glasses Chain in Black, £8 at Asos – buy here

After a budget, statement option? Asos has your back.

This chunky Public Desire oversized eyeglass chain is just the thing to add a little glamor to your eyewear game.

Kissral glasses straps


  • Kissral Glasses Straps, £5.49 from Amazon – Buy here

Sometimes all you want is something simple, like these six straps from Amazon.

These five straps are lightweight, simple to use, and made from soft, flexible artificial leather.

How to put on eyeglass chains

At the end of each strap is a small hook that simply slips over each end of your glasses.

Once it’s secure, you can just wear them as a necklace when you’re not wearing them.

Are glasses chains cool

As you can see from our list, there are so many cool eyeglass chains, from pearls to gold chains.

So, are eyeglass chains cool? Well, it depends on which eyeglass chains we are talking about and all of these certainly are.

How to wear a glasses chain

You can wear a glasses chain anytime, even when you’re wearing your glasses – think of it as an everyday accessory.

Sarah C. Figueiredo