12 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Brands of 2022

We are perfect hypocrites.

Yes, we at the Post, because we’re going to preach that too much screen time isn’t good for you, but then spend our days writing from home, bathing in blue light from our laptops, and our nights to read the Post online, scroll through TikTok and watch Netflix.

However, there may be a solution to this hypocrisy, or at least something to mitigate the effects of staring at our technology: blue-light blocking glasses.

Chances are you’ve heard of it and probably seen colleagues via Zoom wearing the unassuming specs. They look like regular glasses, clean lenses and all, with maybe just a flash of blue to hint at their blocking properties.

What are blue light blocking glasses and what are their benefits?

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Blue light blocking glasses were designed to block the blue light that emanates from our screens, including laptops and cell phones. However, blue light isn’t always a bad thing, as much of it comes naturally from the sun (although that’s not great either!)

Right now, there’s not much evidence that blue light blocking glasses will alleviate the eye strain and dryness that comes from staring at your screens all day, as it’s more down to the length to which you stare at a screen without taking a break rather than the actual rays of blue light. However, one thing they have been proven to help is sleep, which is a contributing factor to overall health as well as eye twitching and discomfort.

According to an article by Vision centerAlthough more research is still needed, there is a link between less blue light and better sleep.

“Several studies have linked exposure to blue light to decreased melatonin levels and poor sleep quality. Other studies have shown that blue light blocking glasses may be a viable method to prevent melatonin suppression and improve sleep quality. Again, more research is needed to prove these theories. However, it seems likely that blue light blocking lenses have the potential to help improve your body’s circadian rhythm,” reads the October 2021 article.

Do blue light blocking glasses work?

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Honestly, we’ll leave that up to you, because the science is still on that. As noted above, there’s nothing yet that links common eye strain issues like dryness or fatigue to blue light specifically, but it may be related to prolonged exposure to screens in general.

They can, however, help you sleep better, especially for night owls who can’t seem to get away from screens before bed because blue light disrupts our circadian rhythms, which can then lead to other health issues due to to lack of sleep such as cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, metabolic disorders and a weakened immune system – which is not too serious, especially during a pandemic.

According to the CDCthese glasses can help, in addition to preparing the rest of your bedroom for a restful night.

“A very dark bedroom makes it easier to sleep. But plan for safety if you have to get up in the dark: keep the path to the bathroom clear,” suggests the CDC. “If you have to get up to use the bathroom, a dim red nightlight will be less likely to trigger a circadian daytime alert and disrupt your sleep. Alternatively, you could wear blue light blocking glasses while standing.

Where to buy blue light blocking glasses and sunglasses:

1. Amazon

Two pairs, one black and one pink, of glasses

As with everything on Amazon, there are so many options to choose from. We opted for the Amazon Choice pairs, which actually come in a two-pack for added style. Starting at $15.98 for two pairs, choose between a bunch of different combinations, including clear frames, black, tortoiseshell, and other colors. For more options, check out the long list on Amazon and stock as many frames as you want, using the button below.

2. Zeni

A woman wearing glasses smiles at her computer

Blue light blocking glasses were so popular at Zenni that they created a whole range of them. Called Blokz, the blue light blocking glasses come in a huge range of styles for him and her, as well as kids. Add Blokz lenses to almost any pair of frames, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, and non-prescription glasses.

3. Dock

A woman in pink glasses

Fashion meets function. Quay is the best place for both, with a range of really fun and funky styles that have blue light blocking lenses. We love bestsellers CEO Style and the classic Blueprint framestoo, but feel free to stock up and wear a new pair every day of the week – or at least for every weekly Zoom meeting.

4. Oakley

A man in glasses holding a gamepad looks at the sky

Oakley knows gamers are in front of their screens most of the time, so they’ve designed a line of eyewear just for them. Not only do the lenses feature blue light blocking technology, but the frames are designed specifically so gaming headphones won’t interfere or cause headaches for gamers wearing glasses.

5. peepers

Smiling man and woman in glasses

Peepers is a great brand, as they have an entire section of their site devoted to Blue Light Focus reading glasses. They combine the functionality of readers with blue light blocking properties to create stylish and practical pairs.

6. Ray-Ban

A pair of wired glasses

For the blue light blocking glasses you’ll want to wear every day, check out Ray-Ban’s Everglasses range of glasses.

“With Ray-Ban Everglasses, your favorite icons are now available with clear photochromic lenses. Light-reactive sun lenses that adapt effortlessly to changing weather conditions, and clear lenses with 100% UV protection. “, we read on the product page.

7. GlassesUSA

A pair of brown tortoiseshell glasses

For the best brands of glasses with added blue light lenses, check out GlassesUSA for a great variety. Head over to their blue light blocking page to see your options, with frames of Ray-Ban, Muse and more to choose from.

8. EyeBuyDirect

A man and a woman in glasses look at a laptop together

Not only do EyeBuyDirect sell blue light blocking glasses, they come in a range of options to best suit your needs. Learn more on their site, then choose from EBDBlue Plus lentils, EBD Blue 360 lentils, EBDBlue Smart lenses that adapt to sunlight and their line of ViewRelax glasses that can help relieve eye strain.

9. Felix Gray

A person cleaning their glasses with a cloth
Felix Gray

Prescription or not, Felix Grey’s blue light blocking glasses are for everyone. They also have plenty of stylish frames with plenty of color options, plus the ability to add a prescription lens, starting at just $145.

ten. Warby Parker

A stack of many pairs of glasses
Warby Parker

We know and love Warby for their regular glasses, but did you know they also make blue light blocking glasses? Check out their page and choose from frames for either Men or women to start. You can also add the lenses to any pair of frames for just $50, if you have a favorite pair of frames that needs an upgrade.

A woman wearing glasses close up
Private Revaux

Fancy name, awesome frames. Check out the blue light blocking glasses page on Privé Revaux, showing you options for his and hers that have blocking lenses. You can also take the Adjustment Questionnaire to determine which style suits you best, or browse and choose a few to try.

12. MVMT

A man and a woman wearing glasses

Join the blue light blocking eyewear movement with frames and lenses from MVMT. The eyewear brand has its own line of blue-light glasses called Everscroll, likely alluding to your obsession with TikTok and social media that exposes your eyes to hours of screen time.

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Sarah C. Figueiredo