10 celebrities who have the biggest collection of jewelry and diamonds

Diamonds have been around for over 1,000 years, and it was only later that royal families used the jewelry as part of their jewelry and status symbols. The evolution of the diamond took on many shapes and forms and slowly became accessible to common people everywhere. Over the years, the importance of jewelry has only increased in value and cost, as the rarity of a piece of jewelry makes it a highly sought after commodity. Many notable jewelry brands like Tiffany & Co, Chopard, Eliantte, Cartier, and Lorraine Schwartz offer access to customizable pieces that can be made to order for special occasions.

With unlimited use of resources and wealth, A-listers spare no expense when offering a million-dollar ring or wearing a rare necklace inaccessible to many. From Drake’s ultra-rare Frank Ocean chain to Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond engagement ring, let’s take a look at the wealthiest celebrities who own a large collection of jewelry and diamonds.


ten Duck

As one of the best-selling rappers of recent times, it’s no surprise that Drake has a multi-million dollar jewelry collection. With a net worth of $250 million, he has made major purchases of necklaces and rings. According QGher most expensive jewelry items include a personalized OVO owl necklace ($120,000), Frank Ocean’s Diamond Homer chain ($1.9 million), and a 100-carat heart-shaped necklace ($1 million).

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9 Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is the newest brand ambassador for Tiffany & Co. and has often been spotted wearing jewelry from the Tiffany Lock collection that cost over $6,800. At the same time, her engagement ring bears an eight-carat diamond costing $600,000. In addition to jewelry, she also has diamonds in her white gold Audemars Piguet watch which retails for $140,000.

8 Megan you stallion

A rapper who is not shy about indulging herself, Meghan Thee Stallion often wears chunky necklaces and pendants that showcase her outgoing and fun personality. In June 2020, she shelled out $425,000 to buy a necklace with the words Hot Girl as a diamond-encrusted pendant. More recently, she custom-designed a chain link and diamond ring set from Eliantte.

seven Meghan Markle

A mix of royal and personal pieces, Meghan Markle has had an extensive jewelry collection since becoming a royal. Some of her second-hand items include Princess Diana’s Aquamarine Ring ($92,000) and Princess Diana’s Butterfly Earrings ($10,000). Her engagement ring was made from a central Botswana diamond and Princess Diana’s jewelry and is valued at $350,000, as noted Harper’s Bazaar.

6 Rihanna

Rihanna has served up killer looks on and off the red carpet for many years, and the singer/business mogul has continued to show off her favorite jewelry in public appearances. Her most notable bling includes the Loren Stewart XL Diamond chain ($600,000), Chopard Diamond watch ($1 million) and Briony Raymond Cross necklace ($15,000).

5 Beyonce

Along with launching her collection with Tiffany & Co., Beyonce has also had many notable diamonds in her collection. Known for favoring Lorraine Schwartz, she’s been spotted wearing the brand’s custom jewelry since 2009. Her most prized diamond remains the custom Schwartz engagement ring Jay-Z gave her, crafted from a 24-inch emerald diamond. carats at a cost of 5 million dollars.

4 Gap

With a particular affinity for jewelry, Migos member Offset slowly grew her jewelry collection, which is now worth $3 million. Her notable jewelry pieces include a Cross diamond necklace ($220,000), a Lola chain ($150,000), and a “Home” diamond pendant necklace ($530,000). As mentioned by High Snobityone of his favorite pieces of jewelry is the $500,000 engagement ring he bought from Cardi B.

3 lil wayne

Young Money Entertainment creator Lil Wayne has always loved adding rare diamonds to his collection. He owns a Chopard diamond watch ($1 million) and a CITA double-sided ring ($135,000). Her notable diamond accessories include diamond suspenders ($150,000), Beats by Dr. Dre headphones ($1 million) and an iced lighter.

2 Jay Z

Jay-Z has an insane million dollar jewelry collection, from diamond watches to chunky necklaces. He is best known for designing the $1.5 million Def Jam necklace and giving it to several notable rappers, including Kanye West. The most expensive piece of jewelry in his collection is a $5 million Hublot Big Bang watch in 18k white gold.

1 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a rare celebrity with equal amounts of affordable and unique jewelry in her collection. The artist had several engagement rings adorned on her finger. Ojani Noa’s diamond ring ($100,000), Marc Anthony’s blue diamond ring ($4 million) and Alex Rodriguez’s emerald cut ring ($5 million). Ben Affleck offered her a one-of-a-kind green diamond engagement ring that cost over $6 million, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

Other notable celebrities with extensive jewelry collections include Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and Quavo. While some rappers buy diamonds as token gestures, others like to splurge on personalized pieces featuring their identities and slogans. With the ever-growing love for jewelry, more and more celebrities will add extravagant pieces to their collections.

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